Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas


In 1992, I was contracted to recreate stop motion, miniature puppet versions of the life sized creatures created by KNB FX Group and Tony Gardner’s Alterean make-up FX studio. Working from KNB’s full scale winged Deadite suit, I methodically reproduced a 1/6th scale version for shots where the Deadite takes flight with Sheila (Embeth Davits).  The original Deadite and miniature Embeth sculptures were created in supersculpey and cast in dental stone molds.



After 4 weeks of hard work, the stop motion puppets were delivered on time to INTROVISION, the company awarded with the visual effects shots. A few weeks later, I got a call (on my birthday!) to make a small repair to the Deadite. The “runner” handed me a paper bag and inside was something that resembled  a shredded piece of bacon. That was all that remained of the Deadite puppet! This was no small repair, it was an entire redo and of course, it was due to shoot the next day! I learned that one of the “Igor’s” in the model shop attempted to drill into the delicate foam latex skin but as soon as the latex touched the high speed drill bit, it wound the foam around the bit, ripping the skin from the armature – chewing it to pieces. Like a good, obedient steward of my craft, I worked through the night and delivered an “ok” version but charged them 1/20 of what it cost to do the first time. Everyone in LA cries poor but its bullshit. If I knew then what I know now, I would have charged them a FORTUNE for that repair.



12″ Tall, Evil Deadite sculpture






The complete, 1/6th scale stop motion Deadite puppet




The same Deadite puppet, but destroyed!


But as production quaintly stated: “it needs a little repair”. Effers.






Flying Deadite semi-posable replica


With the molds long destroyed, this is the only known casting of the flying Deadite in the world . This replica is made of flexible urethane and has an internal, semi-posable wire armature. Its safely stored in my collection.






Sheila Stop Motion Puppet


I also needed to make a miniature, stop motion puppet of  Sheila (played by Embeth Davitz) to be carried away by the Deadite. This puppet stood approximately 10 inches tall.