Dick Tufeld is to Irwin Allen as Mel Blanc is to Warner Bros. The iconic voice of the B9 Robot from Lost in Space passed away at his Studio City home in “Lost” Angeles, California. He was 85. He will be missed.


Dick’s career began in radio as an announcer for the American Broadcasting Company in early 1950. He was also the announcer for ABC Radio’s Space Patrol prior to moving over to television news as an anchor for “The Three Star Final,” a 15 minute newscast on KABC-TV. In the animated series world, his voice was heard in the Fantastic Four and several episodes of Thundarr the Barbarian. His Irwin Allen years included Time Tunnel and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea – but nothing comes to mind stronger than his vocalization for Allen’s Lost In Space B9 Robot in 1965 – 1968 (which he later reprised in the 1998 feature film) as the counter to his arch nemesis, Dr. Zachary Smith.


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A few voice samples of the B9 Robot:


Warning, Warning! sample 1

Danger, Danger! sample 2

That does not compute! sample 3

Danger, Danger Will Robinson! sample 4

My censors indicate an intruder is present sample 5