The Max Von Sydow (Father Merrin) Prosthetic Make-up



Max Von Sydow was just 44 years old when Dick Smith turned him into the senior, demon battling Priest recruited to save Regan McNeil. His extensive prosthetic make-up included cheeks, chin, a neck “wattle” and a good dose of Dick Smith’s secret “old age stippling”.


For its shear design and flawless application, it remains as one of my all time favorite character make-ups. Early in my make-up career, I heard a story that Max’s agent had a difficult time finding the actor work after the release of the Exorcist because casting directors thought he was too old to play younger parts! Bravo Mr. Smith, BRAVO!



Life cast of Max Von Sydow of the old age prosthetic make-up design.


Life cast is NOT FOR SALE!





















The complete Father Merrin (Max Von Sydow) prosthetic make-up.


The black and white image below shows the actor, sans prosthetic make-up, at 44 years old followed by the masterful aging of Dick Smith.