Creature Buzz is maintained by a rogue group of visual effects artists, designers and collectors as a way to fuel their predesigned mid-life crises.


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  • Dan Platt: Former Co-Founder of Sideshow, Sculptor and Visual Effects Modeler


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  • John Cooper: FX Guru and Comic Maven


  • Karl Denham: FX Supervisor, Director,  Artist and Monster fan


  • Ken Morgan: Former Co-founder of Sideshow, Artist, Collector and Monster madman


  • Lou Pecora: Comp Supervisor and Horror Literature Connoisseur


  • Tom  St. Amand: Legendary Stop Motion/CG Animator & living encyclopedia on all things MONSTERS


  • Dan Thron: Matte Painter, Director, Screenwriter, Film and book fanatic


  • Gisele Sanchez: Archivist and Femme Fatale