May not be pretty to look at but these are the actual, raw, aluminum castings for the 1981 Dragonslayer and 1980 Empire Strikes Back Tauntaun stop/go motion puppets.



In its raw state, the two heads look pretty gnarly. But aluminum is a soft metal and easily drilled, tapped and shaped with simple tools. And knowing that this came from Tippet’s world class puppet shop at ILM; I firmly believe that the final versions were nothing short of works of art. For what its worth, its still a piece of history that gets this fanboy all giddy.



The Dragonslayer skull is approximately 2″ long, 3/4″ wide and about 3/4″ tall. The Tauntaun is a little shorter, maybe 1 3/4″ long and wide and about an inch high.





The Jack Skellington skull is the size of a golfball and made of hard urethane cast around a metal core. With a simplified face, it screams emotion. Proof positive that less is more. I just LOVE this design!